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Zsozeatya by Noni5309 Zsozeatya :iconnoni5309:Noni5309 6 0 Dean Winchester by Noni5309 Dean Winchester :iconnoni5309:Noni5309 1 0 Supernatural by Noni5309 Supernatural :iconnoni5309:Noni5309 3 0 Little Castiel by Noni5309 Little Castiel :iconnoni5309:Noni5309 1 0 Ancient Hungarian chief by Noni5309 Ancient Hungarian chief :iconnoni5309:Noni5309 4 3 Skull by Noni5309 Skull :iconnoni5309:Noni5309 5 2 Itachi Uchiha by Noni5309 Itachi Uchiha :iconnoni5309:Noni5309 4 0 Deer Skull by Noni5309 Deer Skull :iconnoni5309:Noni5309 1 0 Random Thing by Noni5309 Random Thing :iconnoni5309:Noni5309 1 2 Until Dawn by Noni5309 Until Dawn :iconnoni5309:Noni5309 0 0 Bored in School by Noni5309 Bored in School :iconnoni5309:Noni5309 0 2 Candle Cove - Milo by Noni5309 Candle Cove - Milo :iconnoni5309:Noni5309 4 3 Random Drawing by Noni5309 Random Drawing :iconnoni5309:Noni5309 1 3 Before and after by Noni5309 Before and after :iconnoni5309:Noni5309 1 0 Random Drawing by Noni5309 Random Drawing :iconnoni5309:Noni5309 1 0 Harry Potter Addiction #1 by Noni5309 Harry Potter Addiction #1 :iconnoni5309:Noni5309 0 0


Princess (Draco Malfoy x Reader)
I lazily put the spoonful of cereal in my mouth as Hermione lectured Ron on his eating habits for the umpteenth time.
I was a fifth year Gryffindor, I was best friends with the well known Golden Trio. I was put into Gryffindor which surprised most of the students because of my family history.
Generations and generations of (Y/L/N)'s all of which got put into Slytherin but I was the anomaly in the family. My parents weren't disappointed but rather shocked.
"You don't moan when (Y/N) eats like a pig."Ron grumbled.
"Don't bring me into your lover's tiff."I stated making Ron and Hermione burn red.
I smirked as they stumbled over their words.
"Have you seen Harry?"Ron asked me making me shrug.
"I last saw him yesterday in Charms."I answered.
Harry and I were good friends, he was like a brother to me and I was like a sister he never had.
"I'm gonna go back to my room, I need my books."I stated, standing up.
I left the table and walked out of The Great Hall. I walked down the hallway, humming
:iconthegirlwhocriedicant:TheGirlWhoCriedICANT 275 10
How you wake up with Loki
You lay on your stomach, your face pressed against the pillow. The sheet is pooled around your waist, leaving your back exposed. You feel fingers slowly tracing patterns on your skin and you hum with pleasure. The fingers pause.
"Don't stop. That felt nice," you mutter into your pillow.
You hear Loki chuckle and he resumes his tracing before moving to stroke your hair.
"Did you sleep well?" He murmurs sweetly.
"Hmmm.... I'll let you know when I wake up," you mumble.
"Hm. So you think you're dreaming?"
"I must be if you're here," you sigh.
"I assure you, I'm very real," he whispers, kissing your bare shoulder. You shiver. You turn yourself over to face Loki and press yourself against his chest.
"You are real," you say as you snuggle closer. He laughs.
"I can see there's no waking you up," he says but he only pulls you tighter and presses his lips against the top of your head.
:iconlokiisawesomest:lokiisawesomest 173 10
Let Me Love You (Glenn Rhee X Reader)
You lean against the metal fence, gazing out across the prison, watching the walkers as they push up against the edges of the field.  You love being up here, on the bridge.  You feel safe and in control for once, higher than the walkers, as if they could never reach you.  You sigh, catching a movement out of the corner of your eye.  You turn your head to see Glenn, awkwardly standing there.
"Sorry,"  he says, "I didn't realize you were up here."  
You smile at him, shrugging.  "It's okay.  You can join me if you like."  You secretly hope he will.  You have loved Glenn for months, but are just too scared to say anything.  You're afraid to make close connections in this world of walkers and death.  So, you take any time you can get with him without becoming too close.
He returns your smile, walking to stand beside you.  You're completely aware of every inch of him as he stands next to you.  You turn your head back to t
:iconlokiisawesomest:lokiisawesomest 72 19
How you wake up with Castiel
When you blink your eyes open it's still pitch black in the motel room.  You're lying on your stomach, your head turned to the dresser, so you see the green clock numbers as soon as you open your eyes.  It reads 4:33 am.  You groan and bury your head back against your pillow, fully ready to fall back asleep.  Knowing Dean, you'd be up by 6 am.  But you are already awake and your senses have started to come back to you.  That's when you notice another presence in the room, awake.   You slip your hand under your pillow and pull out your knife.  Then you look across the room at Dean, sleeping on a pullout sofa, and Sam, on the bed next to yours.  Your eyes shift back to Dean and realize there's a shape sitting by the window where he's sleeping.  The light from outside the motel is enough for you to instantly recognize who it is.  You slip out of your sheets, padding quietly over to Castiel, who turns his head at the sound.  He ha
:iconlokiisawesomest:lokiisawesomest 38 2
Just Tell Me - Josh Washington x Reader
AU in which Beth and Hannah never died and the prank never occurred and everyone is safe and not in danger of wendigos (especially Josh)
You were riding the cable car with Chris; you along with the rest of your friends were going to the annual Blackwood getaway that Josh organized each year. You and Chris wanted to be the first ones to be there, mainly because you were Josh’s best friends, and being close to the Washington twins, they insisted on you being there first. You were looking out the cable car window, hearing your phone vibrate you reached for it, feeling your cheeks heat up with seeing Josh’s name across the screen.
You texted him that you were already on the cable car with Chris and you were just a tab bit cold.
Tell Cochise to lend you his sweater, Hannah and Beth will kill him if you get frostbite and I most likely join them too
-Josh <
:iconmoonlight53:Moonlight53 198 25
Real Magic (Fred Weasley x Reader)
You were sitting down by the lake, staring at the water. It was dark, and you had no idea how long you had been out there. All you knew was that you wanted some peace and quiet. But you should have known that wasn't going to happen. This was Hogwarts, after all.
“(Y/N)!” You heard behind you. You quickly wiped one hand over your face, trying to get rid of any sign of tears. A red head sat down beside you with a sigh. You kept staring straight ahead, secretly hoping that he would go away. You didn't want him around you right now.
“He's not coming, you know,” Fred said after a moment.
“W-what?” you stuttered.
“The giant squid. That's what you're doing out here, right?” You didn't reply. He shook his head.
“(Y/N), come on. I know that you really want to see it. But you've been out here all day. It's time to come in.”
“I'll come up in a little while,” you mumbled.
Fred frowned. Something was wrong. You had been quiet w
:iconskyphoenix13125:SkyPhoenix13125 132 13
Fred Weasley x Reader - The Potion's Spell
You were exiting the Great Hall after an early breakfast when you saw a certain redhead with his matching robes standing at the door, like he was waiting for you. You and Fred were friends, though you hadn't seen a lot of him lately. It wasn't like you expected anything less; you both had opposite schedules and you tried to stay away from the troublesome twins when they were cooking something up so that you wouldn't get dragged into it.
But something was different today. The second you passed by him, he fell into step beside you.
“Lovely morning, eh, (Y/N)?” he asked.
Color me impressed, Fred. I didn't think you got up this early.” You smirked. “But you obviously didn't get a lot of sleep last night.”
He grinned sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. His red hair was spiked in all directions and his robes were still a bit wrinkly like he'd slept in them for some reason.
“You always did see right through me,” he murmured. You glanced up at hi
:iconskyphoenix13125:SkyPhoenix13125 62 14
Fred Weasley x Reader - Mirror
Harsh footsteps echo down the corridor after you and the soft mewling of a cat can be heard close behind. Gasping for breath, you duck into an empty classroom and hide yourself under a desk.
"Come on out you little weasels, I know you're here somewhere." Filch growls from the hallway.
You tense up. Filch is coming your way, and after the prank you just pulled you wouldn't be surprised if he gave you a week's worth of detention. But he'd have to catch you first.
You had been friends with the Weasley twins since you first met them on the Hogwarts Express, so it's no surprise you loved pranking Filch as much as they did. You all had a knack for practical jokes, and it had become something of a competition to one up each other's schemes.
Tonight had been your idea. After curfew you snuck up to the Gryffindor common room (as you did most nights) to enlist the help of Fred and George. While George distracted Filch by setting off a dungbomb nearby, you and Fred had locked him out of his offic
:iconknuckles107:knuckles107 10 0
Ticci Toby x Reader...
"Y/N! Y-Y/N! Y/N!"
You merely ignored the voice, despite its panicked and worried tone, and pulled your knees closer to your chest while you fiddled with a knife in your dominant hand.
"Y-Y/N!" The voice, definitely a male's but still rather boy-ish, came dangerously closer to your position in the tree - yet you made no attempt to move.
The wind howled loudly through your ears, blowing your (h/c) hair onto your face. The leaves in the tree rustled and you heard more footsteps, a little ways from your 'hiding spot'.
Again, you pretty much ignored his pleas and went on in indulging your reflection in the knife.
You quietly grunted and turned the knife in your hand, the smooth black handle running against you palm. Funny. You thought and silently chuckled to yourself. The knife I'm reminiscing in was given to me from the one I'm running from now. How ironic.
You frowned, running your thumb over the hilt, feeling a small engraving on the surface.
For my waffle buddy, (Y/N)
:iconashleyjasmine:AshleyJasmine 363 79
SCP 682 and SCP 053 by GGGGum SCP 682 and SCP 053 :iconggggum:GGGGum 1,590 154 HunTubers: Radics Peti by Nabu-Hoshi HunTubers: Radics Peti :iconnabu-hoshi:Nabu-Hoshi 18 3 Jerome Valeska by FriZzair Jerome Valeska :iconfrizzair:FriZzair 20 5 Zalgo Creepypasta by ChrisOzFulton Zalgo Creepypasta :iconchrisozfulton:ChrisOzFulton 558 73 SPN: Super Vessel Bros by Ace-Zaslavsky SPN: Super Vessel Bros :iconace-zaslavsky:Ace-Zaslavsky 335 129 Para Kim Fan Art by UchihaAkanee Para Kim Fan Art :iconuchihaakanee:UchihaAkanee 55 19 Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by Rina-Prince Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse :iconrina-prince:Rina-Prince 6 0



Guess who's back? xD Yeah,I'm here again,and this painting was made for my friend :D
Dean Winchester
Hi! So lately I've been obsessed with Supernatural,so I made this. I've stayed up 'til 1 in the morning just to finish it and I hope you like it :DUhm...? Icon #3 - Dance Dean, dance! (Harlem Shake) Eye of the Tiger Supernatural - Paranoid Dean Feels Danceing Dean Jensen/Dean Evil Laugh ~ free to use! Dean Flirt Maybe 
Hi! So as I said,I'm now obsessed with Supernatural :D Seriously,I've found a series that I like (besides Walking Dead),because I really like supernatural things,legends,myths,etc. And the guys look absolutely HOT! Love Wink and Dimples Icon #3 - Dance Dean, dance! (Harlem Shake) Uhm...? Surprise! Supernatural OMG Kill ya You Rock! Bravo Love you sammy Misha Boogie ~ Free to use! Blah blah blah Semmy Stahp Jensen + Misha (icon) ~ Free to use Idk 
Little Castiel
Hi! So I'm now obsessed with Supernatural,and I made this,because I think it's cute :DLove Castiel Sorry PLZ Castiel Icon ~ free to use! boom You Rock! Me gusta :assbutt: Cas says hi!  The quote is from Fallen Angels by Black Veil Brides Angel With Harp :angel: 
Ancient Hungarian chief
Hi! So my father asked me to draw him an ancient Hungarian chief (Chief Álmos). And this is what I could do :D so...yeah :D


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Noni-Chan ^^
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
My name is Noémi,and I was born on the 7th of June in 2001. I really like making art,singing,and baking/cooking.🎵🎶🎧 My mother language is Hungarian,but I can speak English,and I'm learning German too.❤
I'm a gamer,and I procrastinate in most of my time.
In my middle school,I'm in the choir,I play badminton(because I have to),and I'm in the Drama Club.🎭
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